Why is the administration suffocating the free speech of a private citizen? | Jessica Valenti

Its a cool age for this country for numerous concludes, writes Jessica Valenti in this copy of The Week in Patriarchy

As I write this, the internet is aflame with onslaughts on Jemele Hill- a reporter at ESPN who dared to call the president what he is: a prejudiced and a white supremacist. In reaction, an incredible quantity of hate and harassment has been sent at Hill, and the White House has called for her firing.( “Wheres” those republican’ free speech’ absolutists when you need them ?)

It’s a chill occasion for this country for numerous intellects. But when the government attempts to curbed the discussion of a private citizen and journalist because she criticized the president … this is a new tier of horror.

We did not recognize Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling for the firing of white supremacists who rallied on Charlottesville and left one girl dead. It’s only those who feelings Trump who are in danger of being denunciation. Thankfully, other correspondents and both citizens and to access to Hill’s defense- but it’s an important exercise for us all to remember. And it’s a warning that things can get much, much worse.

Glass half full

As the world deteriorates down around us, at least we are able to laugh at Ted Cruz- is still in a gossip the coming week when his Twitter account “liked” a porn video.( Remember: This is a man who argued that that beings don’t have the right to masturbate .)

What I’m RTing

JenAshleyWright (@ JenAshleyWright)

Can’t wait for some tech bro to discover makeup, rename it “face hacking” and demand he invented it.

September 13, 2017

The New Yorker (@ NewYorker)

A cartoon by Will McPhail. pic.twitter.com /8 OnVLVNsy9

September 15, 2017

Nathan McDermott (@ natemcdermott)

Ted Nugent told Obama to suck his machine gun& “re just saying that” Hillary should be hanged for treason, and was invited to the White House by Trump. https :// t.co/ QAIyo4E 2S5

September 14, 2017

Melissa Jeltsen (@ quasimado)

What the 2 deadliest mass shootings this year have in common –> they both concern guys targeting their ex-wives https :// t.co/ eO6a8n0qM4

September 12, 2017

Jamelle Bouie (@ jbouie)

this left wing political correctness is out of control https :// t.co/ 7BK71gzZOw

September 13, 2017

Who I’m reading

Amanda Hess on the business of “anti-ageing” and seeing sure dames detest themselves; Bryan Curtis with a fantastic piece on Jemele Hill; and Ezra Klein on his interview this week with Hillary Clinton .

What I’m writing

At Marie Claire, on Hillary Clinton’s book and why she’s more of a chairperson now that the president himself.

How outraged I am

A couple of ex-Google hires thought they could replace city’s beloved bodegas with what gazes to be little more than a gussied-up vending machine. The internet delivered its fury, so I’m at a satisfied six out of 10 on the rage scale.

How I’m making it through this week

I know I frequently share pics and videos of adorable things to get your judgment off “the worlds”; but this week what’s “re giving me” hope is the full and incredible living for Edie Windsor, who passed away this week. Rest in dominance, Edie.

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