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How the EU deals with members flouting core western radical norms and significances could overshadow Brexit bickering in 2018

In 2017, Europe survived the crunch Dutch, French and German elections that- after Brexit and Trump- many predicted would celebrate the beginning of its death. In 2018, the most serious threat could come from the east.

When Poland and Hungary met the EU in 2004, the desegregation of the former communist faction countries was to be considered as critical to the bloc’s post-cold war advancement. Barely a decade afterward, they risk becoming its first swindler states.

How Europe deals with members purposely flouting the core western liberal norms and qualities it strives to embody- social accept, respect for free speech, an independent judiciary- could predominate 2018 far more than Britain’s exit.

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Why do some nations resist deeper EU integration?

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In the eurosceptic resource “theres a place” announced Brussels the above issues diktats about straight bananas and European militaries. In actuality, there are 28 European Union member states, soon to be 27, with a smorgasbord of political traditions and priorities.

The breadth of EU membership explains why the penetration of desegregation is always rivalry. In belief, 27 countries( excluding Britain) will be voting in favour of identified priority for the coming decade: stronger eurozone universities to protect the common currency, joined-up act on migration movements and apology, a free-trading continent “thats really not” “naive” about foreign contender.

The difficulty is they do not agree how to get there. Take the euro area: France and Germany will be voting in favour of further integration, including a eurozone finance minister and European monetary fund, but disagree on how much threat should be shared. Or migration: every Eu members misses more “solidarity”. Solidarity for Italy and Greece means other countries taking in more refugees. Solidarity for Hungary means tougher action to protect the EU’s external borders.

For most countries, levy and military spending are closely tied up to national sovereignty, so there is hesitancy to abdicate too much verify to EU handles. Europe has always been about endanger. But endangers can be harder to find in a bigger club.

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A cartoon by Will McPhail. pic.twitter.com /8 OnVLVNsy9

September 15, 2017

Nathan McDermott (@ natemcdermott)

Ted Nugent told Obama to suck his machine gun& “re just saying that” Hillary should be hanged for treason, and was invited to the White House by Trump. https :// t.co/ QAIyo4E 2S5

September 14, 2017

Melissa Jeltsen (@ quasimado)

What the 2 deadliest mass shootings this year have in common –> they both concern humankinds targeting their ex-wives https :// t.co/ eO6a8n0qM4

September 12, 2017

Jamelle Bouie (@ jbouie)

this left wing political correctness is out of control https :// t.co/ 7BK71gzZOw

September 13, 2017

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I know I frequently share pics and videos of cute things to get your attention off “the worlds”; but this week what’s giving me hope is the full and prodigious life of Edie Windsor, who passed away this week. Rest in supremacy, Edie.

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