What To Eat For Clear Skin& What Foods Will Wreak Havoc On Your Face

If youre anything like me, someone who is a ripen adult treats their body like a trashcan, then you recognize the daily strive that is doing whatever the fuck you want while at the same time wanting to have a great figure and great surface. Lifes hard when you want to get fucked up at Heads Ball but too appear 100 years old in your Instagram story. Not that I would know. I did not go to Gov Ball, though I did spend the weekend going through mimosas like water and devouring enough food to get me my own TLC reality show. That being said, I want to change. I want to be a brand-new me. A better me. A me who places actual vitamins and minerals into her method so her surface doesnt resemble the entire slice of pizza she dined last-place night. So heres a inventory of foods you are able to eschew like an ex-boyfriend sliding into your DMs and foods you are able to cuddle because theyll specify your fucking face. Damn, Ive got bars.

DONT: Devour Canned Food/ Meats

Gross. As if. Like, who even chews canned meat anymore? Other than my ex from college who had this weird obsession with eating vienna sausages( which, in hindsight, should have been a red-faced fucking pennant that this boy was a sociopath. That and his Belk credit card that he was always bragging about ). Canned and/ or highly processed foods have a shit ton of sodium in their own homes and stimulates your figure to hold on to water, which is why your face is always puffy or you have bags under your eyes that can be seen from infinite, and your acne is at World War III proportions.

DO: Eat Salmon

Aside from giving you a reason to pretend to be a foodie and also be obnoxious on Instagram, devouring salmon is a sure lane to get better examining surface. Salmon is rich with omega-3 fatty battery-acids and healthy paunches. These fatties strengthen cell membranes and nourish the skin to deter you seeming fresh AF.

DONT: Drink Green Juice

Lol only because you routinely say shit like #FitLife and #CleanEating on your IG does not mean you know wtf is good for you, because SURPRISE all those juices youre drinking to purge your figure are actually really fucking bad for you. Juices are sugary as hell, especially the dark-green juices which are able to have up to 50 grams of carbohydrate in their own homes, which is actual destruction when it is necessary to having clear scalp.

^ I envisage every fitstagrammer when the find out they’ve been shooting liquid sugar into their temples bodies

DO: Drink A Protein Smoothie

Aside from having something to talk about with the hot coach at your gym, protein smoothies was in fact be beneficial for your skin. The more you know. Stay away from the juicer smoothies and opt for one with some protein in it. These the different types of smoothies are high in healthy fats and wont leave your scalp searching more ratchet than your Snap story last weekend.

DONT: Eat Ice Cream

Okay, this one I read coming. Nothing that savor this good can be anything but destruction on your figure. And since Im not on my interval rn in control of my torso I predict Im open to suggestions here. Ice cream is chock-full of sugar which are able to form this fun stuff called advanced glycation end products which fucks up the protein in your form. Why is that important you may ask? Because the proteins it fucks with “the worlds largest” are the ones that keep your skin plump and springy ogling. So mostly ingesting ice cream is age you.* stairs into oncoming commerce*

DO: Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate aka the DUD of chocolates has a fuck ton of antioxidants in it, which is v good for your scalp. So although it is savours health and the whole experience youll be caring you were gobbling real chocolate with real flavor at the least your skin will search good AF and protection against wrinkles and other bad shit.

DONT: Drink Coffee

HA HA HA HA this has to be some sort of sick joke. You want me to give up my will to live caffeine? Do you likewise want me to commit homicide the next time someone responds everyone to a department email series? DO YOU? This one is tough for me to wrap my brain around because coffee is literally one of the only reasons I get out of bunked in the morning, and consequently, the same reasons you get to experience this shining personality. That being said, coffee is a diuretic( bogus word Im sure !) which causes your organization to lose water and your skin to get v dehydrated. Stay away from this shit if you require glowy AF skin.

DO: Drink Hot Lemon Water

This replacement sounds about as good as the Republican plan for health care but thats neither here nor there. Even though the prospect of booze red-hot lemon ocean know it sounds as tempting as sleeping with Jonathan The Tickle Monster, its actually super are you all right. Its hydrating, full of antioxidants, and presents some very much support efforts to your liver. Apparently, the liver is the main organ that detoxifies the body and if youre full of poisons sucking on dates that intention in Y, youre more likely to break out. Sighs. And this is why we cant have neat things.

DONT: Eat Bagels

Okay, Im starting to feel personally was well received by such lists. Like, is person looking at my bank statement and seeing that I expend a large amount of my down time in coffee shop and/ or bagel browses? Because Im find truly assaulted rn. Apparently, bagels are the worst for your skin and can lead to a cascade of hormones aka acne breakouts for epoches.* prays this is phony information*

DO: Eat Non-Processed Carbs or Oats

Tbh Id instead starve than eat something that resembles animal feed but I guess thats the price we pay to look like the “after” girl in an acne commercial-grade. Oats are the right various kinds of carbs probs because it looks miserable to eat and likewise because its high in antioxidants which weve fixed will not only give you clear/ glowy skin but too combats against anti-aging.

DONT: Drink Soda

To utterly no ones surprise except my own because I refuse to read names written by health professionals people who are out to destroy my pleasure, soda are detrimental to you. And only because you suck diet soda doesnt mean youre safe. Because diet soda especially disrupts the necessary and healthy bacteria found in your intestine. Also sucking any sort of soda can really fuck with your scalp. Like, generate rosacea, eczema, and acne fucking with your skin. K. Just fuck me up rn then. Also, wtf am I supposed to order at the bar to go along with my vodka then? I cant just booze vodka straight-shooting. I want to have clearer skin , not expire.

DO: Drink Kombucha

Finally something that ogles good on my Instagram story and isnt going to fuck up my skin. About damn season. Basically Kombucha is good for you because its fermented, and therefore full of probiotics, which will solve all their own lives difficulties. Im paraphrasing, but still. If you want clear surface by the time this weekend’s brunch buns around then chug some of this and profes like its alcohol something you experience drinking.

So, in conclusion, anything that brings you euphorium is likely fucking up your scalp and you should cut it from your diet ASAP. I am feeling #blessed rn that alcohol did not see the roll, but thats primarily because I refused to do any actual investigate that would support otherwise. Who says you cant prepare your own fate? Listen, if all else miscarries and you have no self restrict dont want to sacrifice your happy theres ever Facetune.

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