Could This New Drug Help Our Excellent Friend Live Longer? These Puppies Reply Yes!

Thirteen-year-old Momo’s life should be close to over, but thanks to an anti-aging dose, the cute pomsky is running around and playing with more vigor than puppies a third of his age.

The drug, announced rapamycin, was originally developed as a cancer treatment for humans, but after discovering that it widened the lives of mice by up to 60 percentage, researchers decided to measure it out on bird-dogs.

The aftermaths have been astonishing. Before embarking a rapamycin regimen 6 months ago, Momo could only be active for about ten minutes before he needed to rest. Now he can run for over an hour without get worn out!

Don’t believe me? Are watching him in action.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= iJ6vo1gbpmU? autoplay= 0 ]

Momo’s brother, Sherman, has furthermore derived the advantages of this miracle drug.

The two became candidates for rapamycin when he was abandoned with their groomer on Christmas Eve in 2010. The business owner, Paola Anderson, gladly became the duo’s brand-new momma, but it wasn’t long before Sherman fell ill and had a blow. Anderson was told that without surgery, Sherman would only live for another two weeks.

Incredibly, this is Sherman today. Anderson accepted the surgery and instead contacted the Aging Dog Project. Sherman became a test subject for rapamycin, which improved his health drastically within days.


If scientists can add years to your dog’s life, could they do the same for you?

More analyses need to be carried out to know for sure, but Dr. Monica Mita said, “The rapamycin story is one of “the worlds largest” surprising, tempting, fulfill, and unique legends in its own history of medicine. The goal is not near.”

The future is now. Sign me up!

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